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Mind Body Soul Summits Online

Words - Feelings - Manifest

October 24th & 25th 


Universally Speaking Workshop 

This workshop will take you on an interactive journey throughout the day. Have a pen and notebook  ready as you will be using journaling plus meditations and visualisations as tools to help you connect with your authentic uniqueness.

Journal writing is an important aspect of your personal development. It enables you to change your looping thought process and gain clarity of your authentic self.

Explore and learn new self-care techniques:

Law of Attraction

Connect with your Uniqueness

How to create your Power Truths

Mirror work

Creatively create vision boards for your word of the year

and more...

You will most benefit from this day by giving yourself a full day  to immerse yourself. By joining us on the 26th for the full day you can join in on the Live webinar share sessions throughout the day.  You will also be able to immerse yourself with the workshop with the replays.


Create a Positive Mindset Summit

This experienced team of experienced speakers will empower and inspire to help change your negative thoughts and beliefs.
They will guide you to create a positive mindset to enable you to change your life using different modalities:

Hypnosis techniques

Louise Hay Philosophy

Asking for help

Connecting with colours and Angels

The magic of your words

and more...

All demonstrating different ways showing you how powerful your words truly are. How you can acknowledge your negative beliefs and change them to positive beliefs. Create and manifest a positive mindset and enhance your life experiences. Learn new self-care tools and personal development techniques to help you change limiting beliefs and thoughts.

Changing your beliefs cannot be done over night but with practice, patience and perseverance you can create better life experiences and maintain your Authentic Smile.

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Mind Body Soul Summits Online are delivered entirely online.

 Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to transform your life.
You also have 30 days after the event to re-watch or catch up if you did not manage them all on the day.  

Make your words count!

Whether they are the spoken word or in your mind, make your words and the language that you use to others and yourself create the life you wish to experience.

The Law of Attraction simply put is a natural law of The Universe that is exact and impersonal. These are 2 things we should never forget especially when we find ourselves asking “Why me?” 

What do I mean by this?

We attract to us all our life experiences according to the words we use in our thoughts and spoken out loud. All that is, is just but an outer manifestation of an inner concept. Thought is not only power; it is also the form of all things. Because thought is creative, we do not have a choice as to whether we create or not, only in what we create by virtue of how we choose to direct our thoughts. Any person will eventually attract that to which he or she gives consistent attention, energy and focus.

Over time more and more people are coming to recognise that there is a mind-body connection. When we are embarrassed our checks go red. Fearful thoughts make our hands sweat or hear beat faster. We are continually learning that thoughts also extend beyond the body into a relationship with the Universe. The Universe responds to our thoughts and emotions, exact and impersonal.

It is a law, a principle that has been tried and tested by many of us yet we cannot see this law, therefore some are more sceptical. In addition to there being a mind-body connection there is also a mind-Universe connection too. Mind (thought) – Body (emotions) – Universe (the listener and giver of all our thoughts and emotions).

It is quite necessary then that we should watch our daily dialogue both out loud and private thoughts. Thoughts turn into words and words create our reality.

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2 days
12 speakers
10 categories

Quote by Dr. Ernest Holmes – Science of Mind

"Put every negative thought out of your mind once and for all. Declare your Freedom. Know that no matter what others say, think or do, you are a success now and nothing can hinder you from accomplishing your good.

All the power of the Universe is with you; feel it, know it and then act as though it were true. This mental attitude alone will draw people and things to you.

Begin to blot out, one by one, all false beliefs, all idea that man is limited or poor or miserable. Use that wonderful power of choice that the Universe has given you. Refuse to think of failure or to doubt your own power.

See only what you wish to experience, and look at nothing else. No matter how many times the old thought returns, destroy it by knowing that it has no power over you; look it squarely in the face and tell it to go; it does not belong to you, and you must know and stick to it, now that you are free."

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